Pollination For Mentors

Next iteration starts in February 2023

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Ready to help others get into tech?

Our Pollination Mentoring Programme provides a space to help empower mentees to blossom.

  • 4 month programme
  • 1-on-1 session with mentee twice a month
  • Special Slack groups for mentors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Opportunity to refine your leadership and communication skills

What to expect as a mentor

Two women sitting on a bench in front of a brick wall looking and smiling at each other, each holding a glass soda bottle.

Leverage your experience to help women and non-binary immigrants begin a tech career in Sweden.

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Mentees most often need help with CVs, interviews, and navigating the Swedish job market.

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Our mentorship community is here to support you, whether you’re a first-time mentor or very experienced.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that you have successfully landed your first tech job in Sweden. Whether you’re in your first tech job or 10th, we believe everyone can offer a valuable perspective.

We are looking for mentors who are eager to share their experiences and are encouraging and knowledgeable about the tech scene in Sweden.

Most of the mentoring sessions are virtual. However, if mentors and mentees live in the same city and feel comfortable meeting up we encourage that too.

No. The Pollination Mentoring Programme is free for mentees. This programme is a valuable opportunity to enhance your leadership and communication skills within a supportive community.

Email us at contact@beela.se!
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Join the community

Ask questions, network, and stay up-to-date about upcoming events. We’re an inclusive bunch and we’d love to have you!

Our Slack community has special channels just for mentors to connect, network, or take a fika with other Beela members.

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