About Beela

Founders Denise and Juliana shown in a black and white image. Behind them are colourful graphic blocks.

Beela was founded on March 8, 2021 by Juliana Araújo and Denise Muniz, both Brazilian immigrants to Sweden. After meeting at a tech fair, Juliana gave Denise the career advice that helped her overcome cultural barriers and land a job in programming. From there, they were inspired to empower underrepresented groups to break into tech.

Three women standing next to one another. One is wearing glasses and a blue shirt, one is wearing a shirt with the letter B and a crown, and the other in a polkadot shirt and a hijab. Illustration.

Our Mission

To help immigrant women and non-binary people in Sweden get tech jobs. We do this by offering mentorship programmes, providing support through our community and organizing career events.

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We help women and non-binary immigrants achieve their potential through coaching, mentoring and networking.

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We spread the word about what’s happening in the tech world: bootcamps, code academies, courses and events.

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We share encouraging stories from immigrant tech professionals to give you the confidence to leverage your skills.

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Our Name

Bees are hard workers. Ela means 'her' in Portuguese. Combine those two words, and you've got Beela: a non-profit dedicated to helping women and non-binary immigrants break into tech in Sweden.

Meet our team

We know from firsthand experience how hard it is to start over in a new country. All of us are here to support you.

Beela team member

Juliana Araújo

Founder & CEO

Juliana is a Latina immigrant with 8+ years of experience working in tech, leading product teams to develop data-driven products. She has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and is currently writing her Master's thesis in IT Project Management at Stockholm University.

Beela team member

Denise Muniz

Founder & CEO

Denise is a Latina immigrant and fullstack developer. She has over 10 years of experience as a business analyst and pivoted to software development after she moved to Sweden. She has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and a Master's in Business & Project Management.

Beela team member
Anja Woracek

Pollination Programme Manager

Beela team member
Estefanny Moran

Graphic Designer

Beela team member
Mae Tadena

UX Writer

Beela team member
Marcela Fortis

Software Developer

Beela team member
Milena Matrone

Video & Podcast Producer

Beela team member
Padmini Tewaney

Social Media Manager

Support Beela

Beela is a 100% volunteer-run organization. We’re grateful for your support in any capacity.


Our team is always on the lookout for new volunteers. Tell us about your skills - it could be writing, social media or design and we’ll see if there’s a match!

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We are a non-profit organization and any monetary donation helps us reach more women and non-binary immigrants in Sweden to break into tech.